Homeowners Insurance Claims

How Does The Process Work? Once a roof claim has been submitted to the carrier, the property owner or contractor should document the damages (including interior damages) and then record the claim number. Bryton Roofs can help our customers with this process.

After this has occurred, an adjuster will be sent out to help determine the validity of the claim.

If approved by the carrier an insurance scope of work will be provided to the property owner, including a check for the Net Claim when applicable.

If the property owner purchased full Replacement Cost coverage a second check will be mailed, fully indemnifying the property owner for their roof once the contractor has completed the project and all necessary documentation has been submitted to the carrier. Please contact Bryton Roofs for details.

Please note that there are several important terms to understand when it comes to your claim. See below for details:

Actual Cash Value (ACV)

This amount equals the actual value of the claim at the time damage occurred. It is equal in amount to the Net Claim plus the Deductible. This amount is determined by the insurance carrier.


This is the portion of the insurance claim that the insured (the policy holder) is contractually -and legally- required to pay for their project. This amount is paid directly to the contractor. The amount of the deductible is negotiated with the insurance carrier's agent at the time of purchase.


The licensed insurance professional who is qualified to make determinations regarding the validity of insurance claims made by policy holders.

Net Claim

The net claim amount is the insurance carrier's contractually obligated portion of the Actual Cash Value and is paid to the insured after a claim has been approved. It is equal in amount to the Actual Cash Value minus the Deductible.

Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

This amount is equal to the value of the claim, as determined by the insurance carrier, once the property has been restored per the scope of work provided by the adjuster to the property owner. Typically, a check for this amount will be issued to the insured once the project has been completed and documentation has been provided by the insured to the insurance carrier.

Insurance Scope of Work

This is the documentation provided by the adjuster to the insured detailing what work is to be done in order to restore the roof to the value determined by the insurance carrier after a claim has been approved.

Insurance Carrier

The insurance company that the insured has contracted with to provide homeowner's insurance. Also known as the insurer.


The policy holder.


Property owners should file a claim immediately once they discover damages to their roof resulting from a storm preferably after consultation with a qualified, insured and licensed roofing contractor. Bryton Roofs offers storm damage inspection services and will advise our customers on the likelihood of having a storm damage claim approved for their roof. Please contact us for details.

Most reputable homeowner’s insurance carriers will pay for storm (wind or hail) damages to the insured’s roof after such events have occurred.  Insurance carriers will not pay for needed roof repairs or replacement resulting from normal wear and tear, roofs that were improperly installed, roofs that have outlived their useful life, etc.  It’s also important to note that insurance carriers will only indemnify the insured for their losses; that is to say that the carrier will only restore the roof to its original value and will not pay for most upgrades (for example, the replacement of a storm damaged shingle roof with a more expensive metal roof).  

If a valid roof claim is submitted to and approved by your homeowner’s insurance carrier, the insurance carrier will at least pay for their portion of the roof’s Actual Cash Value.  This amount will equal the Net Claim amount listed on the insurance scope; added together with the insured’s insurance Deductible, this amount equals the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the roof claim. 

If Replacement Cost coverage is available, reputable insurance carriers will issue a second check to the property owner once a Certificate of Completion has been submitted to them along with all other proper documentation after the project is complete. The Replacement Cost Value (RCV) will be shown on the insurance scope provided to the policy holder (the insured) by the adjuster.

Long before a storm occurs, the first thing property owners should do is speak with their insurance agent to make sure that their roof is covered for losses resulting from storm (wind or hail) damages.  If the roof is not covered for storm-related damages they should check to see if full Replacement Cost coverage is available from their current carrier; if it is, they should add such coverage immediately. 

If coverage for roof damages resulting from storms is not available, then property owners should start shopping immediately, searching for a carrier who will offer full Replacement Cost coverage for their roof should storm damages occur.

Over the past several years, we have seen the insurance market in North Carolina change dramatically, specifically in regards to the quality of services offered to those with homeowner’s insurance suffering from storm-related roof damage.  This is most evident after storm losses have occurred.  

There are many reputable homeowner’s insurance carriers who do business in NC.  Unfortunately, there are also several “who shall go unnamed”.  These carriers essentially refuse to cover all but the most totally catastrophic of storm damages to roofs.  Bryton Roofs is aware of who they are and will advise property owners on their likelihood of having repairs or full replacements covered by their insurance carriers after consultation.  Please contact us for details. 

When shopping for a reputable insurance carrier for your home, people should look for carriers who have a good reputation, agents who are in good standing with the NC Department of Insurance and carriers who offer full Replacement Cost coverage for storm damages to roofs.  

Reputable insurance carriers provide coverage AND pay fairly for roof damages resulting from storms.  Property owners should do their research, check their sources and think about things when selecting an insurance carrier for their home.  Your home is an investment.  Your roof has value and you should make sure that you are getting what you pay for from your insurance carrier!

This is where things get confusing for customers.  

In short, the best way to do things is “by the book”.  The insured selects a contractor and signs a Contingency Agreement.  The insured then pays their deductible to the contractor, along with the Net Claim check once the insurance scope of work is received.  If Replacement Cost is available, the insured will pay that to the contractor once the project is complete, all documentation has been submitted to the insurance carrier and the final check from the carrier has been received by the insured. 

Sadly, there are many roofers operating in North Carolina and elsewhere who will waive deductibles, submit false invoices and otherwise commit fraud in order to get claims paid by insurance carriers.  These contactors ensnare their customers as well on many occasions and when this occurs, both parties are guilty of insurance fraud which is a felony offense in North Carolina.  These offenses are punishable by fine, imprisonment or both.  

These scams are recognizable.  Property owners should look for the following:

  • Roofers who offer to help the property owner “pocket cash” from their insurance claim. 
  • Roofers who offer to waive the deductible when working directly with an insurance carrier. 
  • Roofers who offer to submit false invoices to the insurance carrier, stating that the work was performed for a price equal to what the insurance carrier is paying when in reality they performed the work for less.  If successful, such fraud results in the insured “pocketing cash” from the insurance claim. 
  • Roofers who offer to “create storm damage” in order to get a claim approved by the insurance carrier.  In this instance, the roofer will intentionally vandalize the roof in an effort to make it appear that storm damage has occurred.  Oftentimes, the property owner is unaware that this has occurred but on occasion, they are complicit in this fraudulent act. 

It is important to note that waving the deductible is a felony in North Carolina, as is the submission of false invoices and other fraudulent activities.  Bryton Roofs will not assist property owners who seek to commit such fraud; we will not waive the deductible, submit false invoices or commit fraudulent activity under any circumstances.  

It’s your property and you can do as you please.  It’s your investment and you are not obligated to to have the contractor work directly with the insurance carrier.  The only thing that you are required to do is follow the law and honor the terms of the insurance policy you have in place should you choose to be reimbursed for the roof repairs or replacement by the insurance carrier. 

What you definitely want to do is ensure that your roof is properly installed by professionals who offer a great warranty, using quality materials and craftsmanship to make sure that the job is done right.  Bryton Roofs is here to help so please contact us for details. 

Please note that Bryton Roofs does not have to work directly with the insurance carrier in order to repair or replace your roof.  We can work directly with the property owner to ensure that their roofing needs are met.  In these instances the homeowner will contract directly with Bryton Roofs to complete the roofing project, paying us at completion according to the terms negotiated between our two parties.  We can then legally submit an invoice directly to the customer who can then seek reimbursement from the insurance carrier for the services rendered if they so choose.  In such instances, Bryton Roofs works directly with the customer and not with the insurance carrier; no documentation is submitted to the carrier by the contractor and it is up to the insured to provide the necessary documentation requested by the insurance carrier.  

Whether you choose to have us work with your insurance carrier on your behalf or work with you directly, Bryton Roofs offers roofing solutions for you.  Please contact us for details.

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